Not Another Diet or a Workout Plan

Weightless It's about regaining control over your emotions and shaping your new life and body.

A 4-Day Online LIVE Experience

Kickstart Your Weight Management Journey


  • To reactivate your body to lose weight.
  • Start detoxing and introducing new healthy habits.
  • Redefine and shape your body with
    Alessia Lugoboni’s Ballet Fitness Method.
  • Grow strong, improve posture, and tone muscle.
  • Unleash the confidence and the Woman Warrior inside you.
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Weightless Program

Go All In

  • Immediate Access to the Weightless Content Vault
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Weekly Recipes for 6 weeks
  • Ballet Fitness Plan
  • Workbook + Tools + Mobile App
  • Ongoing Monthly Live Q&A Group Coaching sessions with Alessia
  • Accountability Group
  • BONUS #1: Maintenance Workouts
  • BONUS #2: Epic Day Formula
  • BONUS #3: Healthy Holiday Guide
  • BONUS #4: Home Decluttering Guide
  • BONUS #5: Lazy Dancer Studio Membership - 6 Months for FREE
  • 14 Days Money Back Guaranteed (No Questions Asked)

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A 4-Day Online LIVE Experience

Over 4 days, we’ll be in the same virtual room together to tone, sculpt, and shred your body.
And we'll work on the way we feel about ourselves and our lives.
Every day I'll guide and push you to achieve your elegantly toned body, ready for anything, ready for life!
(not just summer)

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Weightless Program

You will receive Nutrition Guide and New Recipes to implement during the day that many have used to lose their excess weight.
You’ll receive a clear plan on how to maximise your day and have more time for yourself.
Practical Tools and exercises to get rid of the "monsters" that have been holding you back.

We’ll work on targeted exercises that will help you lose the fat and tone your body like a fit ballerina.
Alessia will coach you and guide you every step of the way to finally lose the unwanted weight, emotional and physical, without counting calories, stepping on a scale or starving yourself.

We'll also work on:
Clearing out your environment and bad influences in your life to finally be free.
Looking after your persona and finding motivation every day of your life.
How to come back at full power if you fall off the wagon.

How to deal with eating out or during the holidays without feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Take Me To The Program

Messages from our Women Warriors


"Just wanted to share this – this is the first time I’ve felt like myself after a long bout of weirdness"


"I uncovered my “why” and that is priceless! The program also helped cement healthier habits. I now feel like I “have to” exercise and I really enjoy it! I also feel like I have more self esteem - it’s a work in progress but I do value myself more, and I am actively trying to live a life that I love regardless of what other people say. Thank you!"


"I am much more happier than before because I changed the perspective of my life. I am proud of myself!"

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